29th Conference of the International Society for the Sociology of Religion
July 23 - 27, 2007 in Leipzig, Germany
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5. Leipzig – city of change regarding the architecture, urban development and heritage preservation

Guided tour in English by bus and on foot

Guide: Mr Niels Gormsen (architect and urban designer of the city of Leipzig, Baudezernent 1990-95)

Duration: approximately 2.5 hours

Departure: at 2.30 p.m. (on the bus parking area next to the East hall of the main station)

Return: at 5.00 p.m. (main station)

Price: 25 € per person (minimum 30, maximum 45 persons)

Price includes:

English speaking guide Mr Niels Gormsen

2 hours bus tour, 0.5 hour walking tour

The combined bus and walking tour comprises a tour along the city centre with urban buildings of all phases of the 20th century; “Waldstrassenviertel” housing area for the upper middle class of the German imperial period of the 19th century – central sports grounds with football stadium and big gymnasium, college for physical education, now part of the university; the green belt along the river Elster; Lindenau: a district of urban renewal; Grünau housing district for 80000 inhabitants, founded in 1970, built up with GDR prefabrication system WBS 70, so called “Platte”, now in transition because of many empty flats – many houses have been pulled down - new family houses are built on the former site of a Soviet barrack; Plagwitz: former industrial district: since 1990 changing into a popular housing area along the river Elster and Karl-Heine-Kanal with a new bicycle path; many interesting industrial monuments, e.g. “Buntgarnwerke”: a former cotton factory, now changed into loft-flats; a new marina on the river Elster; crossing again the green belt of the river Elster; Lassalle Str. Housing: for upper class people 19th century; Johanna Park. “Musikviertel” housing area: 19th century with some high-rise housing blocks instead of historical houses destroyed in the 2nd World War; University Library: 19th cent., reconstructed 1995 after war destruction; “Bundesverwaltungsgericht”: highest administrative court of Germany, built in 1885; “Pleissemühlgraben“: former mill ditch, 1000 years old, filled up in the 1950s because of industrial pollution, reopened after 1990, promoted by some artists und architects with the objective to restore the urban image; “Bayerischer Bahnhof”: portal of the oldest German terminus from 1846, at present temporary shifted because of the construction of the city underground tunnel; “Rossplatz” Housing: built in the 1950s; “Gewandhaus”: music hall, built in 1981; “Augustusplatz”: square where the Opera house was built in 1960; return to main station.

For the tour “Leipzig – city of change regarding the architecture, urban development and heritage preservation” please note booking number (5) and language (English or French) on booking form

The excursion should be booked before the 1st of May 2007.

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